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Pledge Drive!






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I've never made a dime writing Living in Twilight, or anything else, for that matter. This isn't false humility—I write well enough—but an unfortunate confluence of neuroses that make me unable to ask anyone: 

  • to read something I've written. 
  • for money

These tendencies have affected every aspect of my writing life, including but not limited to:

  • not looking for an agent (I'd have to ask them to read something I've written.)
  • quitting most of social media for over three years (where I asked EVERYONE to read things I'd written and it made me profoundly stressed.) 
  • creating bizarre projects for myself, like learning how to gild glass, design kitchens, and re-learn algebra rather than ask anyone to read something I've written. (I think gilding glass is harder than algebra, by the way.)

This is part of why you haven't heard of/from me..  

But I haven't been able to shake the compulsion to get Living in Twilight into the world—partially because of the delusional belief most creative nut-jobs have that maybe, just maybe, their creations mean something for the broader world.

These two dichotomies form an uneasy relationship regarding this web presence. But here we are.

Though I haven't made any money writing Living in Twilight, I've certainly spent money creating it, including:

  • web domains
  • hosting
  • templates and subscriptions
  • graphic programs (now subscription based: 50 bones a month.)
  • fonts
  • full-color copies of Living in Twilight to redline, create marginalia, tear up, cry over, and wonder why the hell I was bothering @ 80 bucks a pop.
  • Thousands of man-hours, not just in the writing, but the design, photo editing, layout, web creation, and photography. Dad died five years ago; many of the hours since were making this.

I won't put advertising on Living in Twilight for two salient reasons:

  • It's crass to advertise shoes, cancer medication and cellulite products in a book about dying. 
  • It would destroy the aesthetics of the design, hypocritical in a book that's as much about art as it is about mortality. 

But with no advertising, there's no revenue. (A side note: I quit a great job because we created ad campaigns. That stressed me out, too. I just don't like selling things, I guess.)

So this is my pledge drive. Like NPR and your local jazz station, I'm banking on you having a "driveway moment" that inspires you to reach out. Unlike public radio, my pledge drive lives only on this page, which you can ignore completely. I won't come after you quarterly for donations. I won't come after you for anything. 

But if you feel like voting with a donation because you find meaning here, it would make my day. Maybe my whole week!

Even a symbolic gesture is profound. Just ask the Shaman.

Quenby Moone


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